1st Day: Visiting Istanbul and meeting the European partners in Kocaeli


2nd Day: Welcoming at the Darica Neset Yalcin Anatolian High School and working together on the Mobility Tool



3rd Day: Istanbul guided tour


4th Day: Last meeting at school



1st DAY

  • Students introduce themselves and their team using power point and speaking about their interests, their school, their city.
  • Students icebreakers activities
  • In the afternoon training session by a local expert at the Clock Tower.






2nd DAY

  • Each team's presentation of their work on the project
  • Students take part in language lessons while teachers work on the project website Minuscyberbullyingerasmus
  • Guided tour of the city






 3rd DAY

  • Students prepare roleplays about bullying/cyberbullying in international groups
  • Excursion to Karlŝtein Castle





4th DAY

  • Beach volleyball tournament in the morning
  • In the afternoon students prepare roleplays in international groups while teachers go on working together on the project website

























5th DAY

  • Performances of the prepared roleplays and discussion in a little theatre. The performances will be recorded in a film
  • Final evaluation of Prague week and giving certificates
  • Teachers have dinner with school management




February 2019: Peer to peer education

Peer to peer education: students of the Erasmus group meet other younger students to speak about cyber bullying. They show a video, organize some role-plays and discuss about this topic. Teenagers like talking about something which is interesting for them with people of their age who have been trained and can help them. 



The students of Italian team show their videos against cyberbullying made for the Safer Internet Day of the 5th February to the Student Assembly at Teatro Nuovo.


Monologo di Cecilia sul bullismo

Cyberbullying interview vlc

EN non subire




Our new posters for the school fair. It’s a way to show our project to all the younger students from Scuola Media who come to have information about our school.



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