Two afternoon lessons about cyber security and fake news for the students of our Erasmus Group taken by Andrea Sellaroli, a teacher expert in technology.




12/09/2018: welcoming the participants!



We had the first meeting with all the colleagues from Romania, Cezch Republic and Turkey.

First of all, in the morning every school presented its activities about the subject in a very cosy atmosphere.

Then Manuel Moreno, school counselor, lectured us on the Spanish law about  bullying  and cyberbullying, the code of behavior and the school rules.

After the coffee break, we had a visiting tour of the school and especially of the English department, which is focused on cyberbullying.

A second lecture was given by Josè Luis Nunez, ICT teacher, about: “ How to create your own app to be aware about cyberbullying”. Great opportunity for our millennials students!

In the afternoon we visited Sevilla with our hosts: Great tour in Plaza de Espana, Maria Luis Park and the historical centre. Because of the project, we were at that point not only colleagues, but also friends !



Sevilla Second day – 13.09.2018



We worked the project up to develop future activities and meetings. We planned the meetings in the Cezch Republic and in Turkey and we spoke about the dissemination of the project.

In the afternoon after the coffee break we visited the Town Hall and we learnt about the history of Andalusia and of Sevilla. A very professional guide helped us to appreciate the beautiful ancient paintings!

We have the foto of all the group on the stairs of the town Hall!! Look at our faces: we are happy!!

In the evening we had a lovely experience of traditional flamenco at “ La Carboneria”! We liked it very much!


14/09/2018:  trip of Andalusia 




Before leaving for our trip, we received our certificates of attendance.

Then we began our trip with three stops:

the first stop for visiting El Rocio, a little typical village very famous for its ancient cathedral;

the second stop for visiting El palacio del Acebron, a natural oasis, very different from everything around it, where we observed many protected species of plants;

the third stop for visiting Matalascanas, a very famous place where people from Seville go for their summer holidays on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

What a fantastic idea to conclude our meeting swimming in the Ocean!



Learning Teaching Training activities


Nella settimana dal 6 al 12 maggio 2018, 24 studenti e 13 insegnanti provenienti da tutti i paesi partners del progetto sono stati ospiti del Liceo Montanari per il primo meeting internazionale. Ecco l’Agenda della settimana:  Vai al link


First day: team presentations, ice-breakers and visit to the city centre




































Second day: visit to Venice










Third day: cybersecurity conference and team activities


Mr Maurizio Boscaini, Teacher of Information Technology and Computer Science at the High Technical School Marconi, talks about “How to use internet safely and the rules of netiquette”.



Fourth day: visit to Garda Lake, Sirmione














Last day: team work about vocabulary, visit to Arena, last party


















21.03.2018: Parents were invited to a conference with a psychologist, a lawer and a criminal law and new technology PhD of Verona’s Universiry, to be informed about our local experience about cyberbullying and to talk about universal guidelines for providers on keeping teeneagers safe online.




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